Please consider making a financial donation in advance of the party.  This is the best way to give, and your money will go the farthest to help more families.

Advance donation:

  • Lets us buy items in bulk at the lowest possible cost.
  • Saves you a trip to the store.
  • Ensures there are plenty of seasonal staples ready to go into the hampers (turkeys, stuffing, etc) at the start of the party when we have the most volunteers on hand.
  • Allows everyone to enjoy packing the hampers and the entertainment on party day, instead of having to drive around the city in search of the last ten turkeys!

We can accept financial donations by Interac e-Transfer* at or by cheque made out to Christmas Hamper Party – Victoria. Please include your email and street address.  Cheques and donations of non-perishable items on the hamper menu list can be also be dropped off in advance during business hours at the Canadian College of Performing Arts (1701 Elgin, near Oak Bay Village).

*You can do an Interac eTransfer from your bank account to the Hamper Party account if you use online banking. You should find eTransfer as one of the options when you login to your online banking account.  When you choose that option, you will be guided through the process of entering the donation amount, security question that Joyce will be able to figure the answer to (or email her that answer) and destination ( ).


2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. Hi
    I like what you do and would like to donate but the site I was sent to from your info site had a drop-down menu of possible recipients which did not include ‘Hamper Party’. What is the correct name for the donation to go to the hampers?

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