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It was a close call but now the excitement builds!

We were a little last minute getting out party invitations this year because we almost didn’t have a venue till St. Mary’s Church generously offered to host us in their space. The Canadian College of Performing Arts, which had hosted the party for the last few years, renovated their space and changed their scheduling which sent the Head Hamper Elves scurrying into frantic last minute action to find a new venue large enough to accommodate us. ┬áLuckily, St. Mary’s is right next door to CCPA so party regulars will have no trouble finding us on party day!

New to our beloved holiday event and want to know what all the glorious fuss is about? Check out my November post for info on what to contribute to join in the fun.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday, December 17th!

Joyce and Hamper Elves Laura, Dan, James, Paul, and Val


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