Now RSVP even easier!

Hamper party participants have to RSVP lots of information: what they’re bringing, how much of it, and at what time.  The online system we tried first (see my last post below) wasn’t really designed for that, so Janet Munsil set us up a Punchbowl invitation and it’s awesome!  After you sign in, you continue to a “Potluck” page that not only lets you indicate what you’ll be bringing, it also shows you how much of each item we still need.

Continuing on to the “Message Board” page lets you tell us quantities and time you’ll be arriving and any other messages you want to communicate.  At the bottom of that page you can indicate if you want to receive email updates on how we’re doing.

Here’s that most magical link:

Donations can still be made through CCPA as in the last post.  Hope to hear from you all soon.  Party day is only a week away!


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