Only 10 days to go!

That’s right—unquestionably the best holiday celebration in Victoria is practically on us and we’d love to share this epic endeavor with you.  It’s our hope that this blog will encourage others to adopt what has become a festive holiday tradition for so many of our good-hearted and generous friends, neighbours and supporters.  Wait till you see what incredible fun collective action can be!

Good news from the Belfry

This year’s good news is that the Belfry Theatre will be donating two ticket vouchers for us to tuck into 25 of the hampers!  The not so good news is that the cost of plastic laundry hampers has doubled.  We finally managed to hunt down and order relatively inexpensive ones from Canadian Tire, but we could really use cash donations from any of you who won’t be able to attend but still want to join us in spirit.

For those of you attending, we found last year that it was incredibly helpful to have people come at staggered times throughout the day.  Letting Joyce know in advance what you’ll be bringing and approximately what time you’ll be arriving gives us a clearer picture of what and when provisions are coming in so we can more accurately figure out what our runners need to buy at day’s end to complete the hampers.  It also gives us sufficient helping hands to handle the last minute rush and to help the Salvation Army workers load the truck.  With about a ton of turkeys alone, we amass a lot of food!

Bagpipes Away!

At 6pm when the Salvation Army arrives we’ll have an added treat: bagpiper Josh McDonald will once again pipe us out as we form a bucket brigade to help load the Salvation Army’s truck at the end of the party.  You can’t believe how thrilling it is to see the vast sea of food covering the front yard and stretching all the way down the hill to the street.

So far, we have pledges for 60 turkeys, 100 pounds of potatoes, 80-90 dozen eggs (thanks to our long time donor Morningfresh Eggs on Blenkinsop), and 25 ½ pounds of butter as well as a few other items.  Obviously, this won’t even begin to tackle what we’d need to come anywhere near last year’s record haul when our little party contributed 131 hampersover 10% of the Salvation Army’s total hampers.   We know there are families out there counting on us for their Christmas dinner.  Let’s go for 150 hampers this year so that no needy family is turned away!

Joyce and Peter


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