The Festive Season is Upon Us!

We’re busy getting ready for our annual Christmas Hamper Party on December 18th, in Victoria BC. Last year we exceeded all expectations by putting together 131 bulging hampers, which were donated to the Salvation Army to give to needy families at Christmas

Coming soon: information and updates about this year’s party, an archive of past festivities and information about how to host your own Christmas Hamper Party.


4 thoughts on “The Festive Season is Upon Us!

      • I have contacted the local Salvation Army and they have “Hamperville” which has a list of what they want in a hamper which includes Kraft Dinner. Here is the URL
        Alex, who runs the program, says they like to have the same stuff in each hamper so that if one of our hampers was delivered to a neighbour who was delivered one of theirs, one might feel unhappy.
        Is there a program in Victoria like Hamperville or were you able to do your own thing without a problem?
        I will be hosting a party on the 18th with members of my Rotary Club, they are finding out on Tuesday at our Christmas party!

      • Hi Gill,

        You raise an important point! I think it’s always best to check with the charity who will be receiving your hampers. We don’t have a Hamperville in Victoria and, since Peter and I don’t eat processed food, when we moved to Victoria I checked with several charities to see who would accept our hampers of fresh items. The Salvation Army here is wonderful and has always been delighted to pick up our contribution for the last 11 years. When we lived in Toronto we donated to Second Harvest, which collects and distributes perishable food.

        You could either ask your guests to contribute to hampers containing the items your local Salvation Army wants, or you could check with local women’s shelters, churches or organizations working with seniors to find groups willing to distribute hampers with fresh produce. Every year we give a few hampers to individuals or groups we know are in need like the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder Support Group which helps recovering addicts. In Toronto, we always gave a hamper to someone we knew who invited the homeless into her home each year for Christmas dinner.

        I will check with a friend in Nanaimo who works with the underprivileged to see if she has any suggestions. Good luck and keep us posted on how your party goes!

        Joyce Kline

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